The Kings Garage Outreach ministry

The Kings Garage Outreach ministry

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The King’s Garage

The King’s Garage is an outreach ministry of Grace Summit Church. The heart of our church is to minister to those in need in practical ways; one of which is through The King’s Garage.

We offer basic car maintenance and troubleshooting for single moms, our community’s senior citizens, and our beloved veterans. Our volunteers provide free labor, and the only cost to you is the price of the parts. In cases of extreme hardship, grants may be available to cover those costs as well.

Please check the Income Verification Form to see if you qualify for this ministry. If so, complete the application and submit it to Grace Summit Church. Someone will contact you to schedule an appointment for car services where the income verification forms must be presented prior to work being done.

To submit an application, fill out the KG Hold Harmless Vehicle Liability Waiver form and send it to

KG Income Verification Form

KG Hold Harmless Vehicle Liability Waiver

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