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20200426 – Return To Service

I pray you are doing well! One good report is that as far as I know, all our Grace Summit Church Family are doing well during this time. We did have two members who tested positive for COVID-19… PRAISE GOD they have made a full recovery!!! He is FAITHFUL!

I’m so thankful that we early on started Streaming our services! We were well able to shift easily during this time, and it has validated our being obedient to the Lord in making our services available via streaming, as we have been reaching people across the United States, and even other countries!

While we all want that as quick as possible, we are still in a time where concern, wisdom, and obedience is required. In light of Governor Kemp’s Executive Order of ‘Minimum Basic Operations to Reopen Georgia for Business’ that goes into effect Friday, April 24th, I want to make you aware of the protocols we will have in place from now until the State of Emergency is fully removed on May 13th.

The next 3 Sunday (April 26th, May 3rd, & May 10th) in accordance with the Governor’s Exec. Order will as always be streaming our services as well as opening the church for those who want to come for worship at our Stockbridge Location. We will still be honoring certain criteria for all those who come until the State of Emergency is fully removed on May 13th.

  • Don’t come to Church if you have exhibit signs of sickness such as a fever over 100.4, coughing, or shortness of breath.
    If you want prayer and to be anointed with oil, please contact the Church and one of our Pastoral Staff will come and pray for you.
  • We will observe the 6’ rule of social distancing. Feel free to sit together as a family unit, but maintain distance in the sanctuary, and seating areas of six feet from those around you.
  • The doors of the building and the sanctuary will be open so that you will not have to open them yourselves.
  • We will be suspending our ‘meet & greet’ time.
  • During the next 3 Sundays will not be having Children’s Church/Nurseries, but will have a portion of the service devoted to them.
  • The Café will not be serving coffee or doughnuts.
  • The Church will be cleaned and sanitized each week after services.

Remember, the Governor and the State Department of Health are still encouraging all those who are older and with health issues to observe the ‘Stay At Home Order’ until May 13th, and I believe there is wisdom in that encouragement. So if you sense you should observe the ‘stay at home’ order, we want to encourage you to do so, and to continue to join us Online –

If you desire to come to Church for service over the next three Sundays (April 26th, May 3rd, & May 10th) we want you to be able to do so… just remember we will be observing the above mentioned requirements, and ask you to observe.

Thankfully, our Tithes and Offerings haven’t been off as much as other congregations I know. We like most churches are down some, but THANK GOD we know that He is FAITHFUL to meet all our needs!

Just like every family, Grace Summit’ needs are continuing. We’ve sent several offerings to the Missionaries we support during this time, and they are using the opportunity to reach out and minister to those in need! I am thankful for the opportunity to sow good seed into those ministries!

Remember you can always:

AND, based upon the expectation that the Emergency Order will expire on May 13th, we are planning on May 17th, being our first scheduled Sunday for open corporate worship. It’s going to be a great day!

We love you! And want to serve you during this time! Our prayer is for us all to walk in wisdom, common sense, and the spirit of liberty to obey the leading of the Holy Spirit!

And remember, you are…

Pastor Chris